A clean-shaven Narendra Modi will look better: Chitrangada

5 years ago

Banglore: Actress Chitrangada Singh thinks BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi could try abandoning his beard in favour of a clean-shaven look.


"I think Modi can try a clean-shaven look. I think you (men) all look good. It might just, I don't know, look better," the Bollywood diva here told reporters on the sidelines of the "Unshaven is Unbathed" Movement, which was organised by Gillette.


Asked if bearded men like Prime Minister Manmohan Singhand Modi aren't attractive, Chitrangada said, "See if you are a Sikh and there's certain amount of religious reasons for you to keep beard or the hair. Of course, that is great and you can still look well-groomed. You still look well turned-out." However, Chitrangada clarified that she was talking about those men who otherwise are not shaving and could be shaving on daily basis.


Asked who is her favourite bearded actor, Chitrangada said, "Mr Rajnikanth. He looks good with everything, yeah." PTI

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