Aamir Khan Supports physically challenged

7 years ago



Despite being surrounded by various controversies, Aamir Khan returned with Episode 6 of Satyamev Jayate and this time he talked about the rights of the physically challenged section of the society. Aamir discussed the issues faced by the differently abled people with supported facts. 


Aamir’s show let people, who actually face problems because of the present system in our country, which does not help and support them, bring forth their plight. 


Do you feel it is a common issue? Do we all know about the challenges differently-abled people actually face? Think again. Satyamev Jayate highlighted the real issues and facts and brought to light the real picture.


The show started off with a video which showed an 11-year-old Shreya Chaturvedi who lives in New Delhi with her mother and could not walk. The girl said, “My mom loves me a lot. I share everything with my mom not as a daughter but as a friend. I love my mom, I love my teachers, I love my school and I love my house.” Little Shreya aspires to become a teacher or doctor. She says she never feels negative about her disability and hopes she will learn to walk one day. “I am happy with my life and I thank God for whatever he has blessed me with,” she says.


The primary focus of the episode lied on the equal rights to education and its importance for our disabled countrymen. A guest from Hyderabad, Sai Prasad, said he don’t have any problem with his disability, what makes his life even more difficult is the infrastructural disability of India. Sai, who went abroad to study further after working with Infosys, says India fails in providing better facilities to differently abled and other countries, on the other hand, have brilliant facilities.


Another guest Krishnakant Mane, who is visually impaired, tied the knot with a beautiful lady four weeks back and it was a love marriage. Working with IIT as project leader and handling a team of 20 people, Krishnakant says he is enjoying his life like normal people. He loves to face challenges in his life and loves trekking.


When teachers were questioned regarding the admission of disabled children to a regular school, they revealed that if a handicapped child is admitted, parents of other children object. Quite unfortunate! The fact is that the Right to Education Act allows each and every child, irrespective to their disabilities, right to go to any school.


Mane gave message to everyone, “Never feel yourself weak and inferior and take your own responsibility. Don’t take the world for granted. The world is going to be kind and cruel to everyone and that is how it should be. I would like to give this message to every parent that let your child go to a regular school and let him feel equal.” Many such bravos and heroes were interviewed in the show.


Some people have a misconception that being differently abled is the outcome of bad deeds in the previous life. They were not even being counted in the census till 2001. Physically challenged people are full of hope and determination. The need of the hour is to provide them equal rights and equal treatment, equal opportunity to work and study. This may bring a positive change in their lives.


It is interesting to know that Satyamev Jayate’s TRP on Star Plus was 2.9 last week. It was 3 a week before. This emotional show seems to be bringing about a change in the mindsets of people.


“Kaise aakaash mein suraag nahi ho sakta, ek pathar to tabiyat se uchalo yaaro.” Mr Perfectionist concluded the emotional show with poet Duhyant Kumar’s famous lines.

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