Aamir's "Satyamev Jayate" banned in K'taka

7 years ago

By : Hina Fatima Khan


Kannada groups stand firm onto their decision on banning Satyamev Jayate in Karnataka. Aamir Khan's first and much awaited TV debut which is to be on air with effect from 6th May is to be missed out by Karnataka.After the TV and film industry puts a self enforced ban on dubbing.




Albeit Kannada remakes are allowed to be made and shown in Karnataka but a dubbed version of any movie or a serial is not allowed, be it a Harry Potter or Satyamev Jayate. Kannada Development Authority said that Out of the 30 districts in Karnataka, in 19 the mother tongue isn't important, and the other languages are very important. Now when the situation demands, they have to change certain rules and norms also to protect their interests, protect their language, protect their culture".



Diametrically opposite viewers opine that the programme should be made available in all languages and it will help to build up a culturally united recognised society. Does it sound fair enough to ban a serial that too in a nation of varied culture, languages? Is it fair to vote out a serial or any work of art on linguistics grounds? Would Satyamev Jayate be able to win this war of linguistics?


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