Actress Ameesha Patel files a legal case against her uncles

6 years ago

Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel has filed a case in Pune Civil Court against her uncles Nalin Rajni Patel and Sunil Rajni Patel claiming her rights over a flat at Manali Apartments in Pune.

According to the actress, the flat belonged to her late grandmother Sushila Patel and now she has the right over the property.  But, Ameesha's uncles tell a different tale. They accuse Ameesha for sneaking into the flat using duplicate keys when they were not in town in 2010.

Ameesha's uncle, Nalin and Sunil claim that their late mother had gifted the flat to them in 2007, of which they have a bonafide registered paper. They also accuse Ameesha of forging the signature of their mother in the documents pertaining to the flat.

Hearing of the case will take place on December 13.

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