Adil Hussain plans to direct Assamese film

4 years ago

Mumbai: Versatile and critically acclaimed actor Adil Hussain is set to wield the megaphone with an Assamese film, about a man and elephant. But he doesn't like to be called a director. "I'm thinking of making an Assamese film yes, I found a script writer. Direction is not the right word...I am collaborating with the cinematographers and other members of the team. The word 'director' carries so much of arrogance, so I don't feel like using it ...its similar to dictator," Adil told IANS. The film is inspired by a story that the actor read 20 years ago. "It stayed with me. I thought let's go ahead (the film) needs lots of preparations and money. We luckily have the money in place, the script needs a lot of time" he said, adding that the movie will narrate a "sensitive story about an elephant and a man". Meanwhile, the actor is busy promoting his film "Zed Plus", a socio-political satire on existing polity. The film is an uncommon story of a common man. Talking about the 'common man', Adil said: "Common man is a man who believes is simple life. He has the ability to support the entire society. Common man is so uncommon in so many ways. They have small dreams and small wishes in life." "Zed Plus" also features Mona Singh, Mukesh Tiwari and Sanjay Mishra. Directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi, the movie will release Nov 28. IANS  

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