Adnan unlocks weightloss secrets

7 years ago

Many of the natives would surely guessing for the Singing sensation Adnan Sami’s shaping into 85kg slimness from a 230 kg giant. For now he unlocked his fitness secrets.


Singer-composer Adnan Sami's astonishing journey from obesity to slimness would now be put into book form. Having gone through a life-changing experience Adnan has been toying with the idea of writing a book on the experience.



Initially Adnan was of the view about his journey from a 230-kg mound of flesh to an 85-kilo normal human being was too personal to be shared. But then with time he acquired certain attachment to people who suffer from obesity.


He realized about number of obese people who want to know how he managed to bring his weight down so drastically after the doctors warned him for either lost weight or face a cardiac arrest in six months, ,making it literally a do-or-die situation for singer.



The book, in a coffee-table format, would have two sections. Recipe for weight-loss and well, recipes for weight loss.


While the first section would take readers through Adnan’s entire journey from weight-gross to weight loss, the second section would be a kind of cookbook.


Along with being a voracious eater Adnan was also a passionate cook. So fro that he  came up with some  recipes for calorie-free meals that could supplement ones diet.

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