Aishwariya overweight issue now in abroad

7 years ago

Aishwariya Rai Bachchan being an International acclaimed Actress is not only in buzz in India itself for her overweight figure but also now in abroad. Many of the world’s renowned newspapers and websites have taken the Actress into prominence and are delivering various articles on her overweight figure after pregnancy. The number of viewers has also increased watching Actress’ videos and footages of before and after her pregnancy.


Aishwariya claimed International eminence after working in a Hollywood flick titled “Bride and Prejudice” for which Julia Roberts too praised her beauty. Admirers are in anticipation to watch the Actress at this year’s Cannes Film Festival with her transformed look. Earlier after giving birth to a baby Ashwariya presented her desire to enjoy the motherhood and denied losing weight so early to which many spectators fumed.

  As some fans came in support of the Actress while other opposed her overweight stating that the 38 year old Aishwariya should lose her weight as Victoria Bekham did and is her duty to gain her figure as it was before pregnancy.


Some fans supported her decision to remain overweight, as according to western culture a celebrity within one month loses her weight after pregnancy. If she does dieting how will baby be nurtured which is most important for her.


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