Akshay Kumar not looking for superstar tag

4 years ago

Mumbai:Akshay Kumar, who has been in the film industry for over two decades, wants to be known for his acting skills."I would like to be called an actor and not a superstar. That is not the tag I am looking for. I am doing 'Brothers'. It's about martial arts, then I have 'Gabbar' which is a different film again. So, as an actor I am looking forward to something different," Akshay told reporters.And now, Akshay is seen as an undercover agent in "Baby", which released Friday."I do everything I don't think I will do. Only one film a year or so. If I like the script, I do it. I don't want to be typecast as an action hero or comedy hero."You can't do too many patriotic films because it will get preachy. Do the film in a limit and pass the message to the young audience in a subtle way," he said.IANS

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