Akshay to show flick to Anna

7 years ago

After a long break Akshay Khanna is back with his new flick "Gali Gali mein Chor hai". With last movies not doing too well for him, Akshay claims this movie to be an entirely different one as compared to his other movies.


Akshaye Khanna, who plays a common man in Rumi Jafry’s Gali Gali Mein Chor Hai, a satire on the Indian legal system and the police system, wants Anna Hazare to watch his film. He says, “We are planning to show the film to him. Whether it will happen or not depends on how much time and inclination

  he has to watch it.” The title track too, sung by Kailash Kher, will be played at one of Anna’s rallies.

The actor reveals that the film is about a man who is neither smart nor shrewd, and so, unfortunately, gets trapped in the system. The story revolves around its effect on his life, narrated in a humorous manner.

Like several others, Akshaye too has been following Anna’s movement: “It really impresses me when someone who feels strongly about something decides to put everything else in their life on a back burner and focuses on it. It is frightfully difficult to take on the government and the system single-handedly. To do it in a dignified manner and inspire lakhs of people around the country is commendable.” He adds, “That said, I also respect the democracy of India and our Constitution, which allows this kind of freedom and encourages it.”

Did Anna’s campaign influence him to take up the film after playing a cop in Aakrosh (2009)? He says, “No. The film is much more than that. It’s a take on the system and our apathy towards it. You can be the Prime Minister or a beggar; the system is the same for everyone, which makes it really hard to do anything. The film is trying to address the system from the point of view of a common man in an entertaining yet realistic manner.”

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