Ali Zafar goe to Nizamudin for dargah

7 years ago

Everyone seems to go the religious way to make sure their movie reaches great heights. First Ranbir Kapoor and now Ali Zafar.  Ali zafar on Wednesday, 22nd February 2012 went to Nizamudin for a Dargah to pray to god that his upcoming movie “London, Paris, New York” does well in the box office and is a great success.


“London, Paris, New York” a romantic comedy, directed by Anu Menon is a movie which revolves around Lalitha ( Aditi Rao Haydari) , a middle class south Indian girl from Chembur  who is on her way to New York to study politics with full scholarship and Nikhil (Ali Zafar) a rich spoil brat who is going to study film making in London on his dad’s money and how these guys met.


It’s about how they decide to meet one evening and realize they are attracted to each other even though their lives are completely different. The film is divided into three parts and follows Nikhil and Lalitha’s personal journey and their love story as they meet in London, Paris and New York for a night each over eight years.


“London, Paris, New York” releasing on 2nd March 2012 is a must watch for everyone out there.

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