Amanda Bynes in dire need of help?

4 years ago

Los Angeles: Actress Amanda Bynes, whose strange behaviour has raised concern, was spotted puffing a cigarette on the streets of New York. People close to her feel the situation is dire.

Amanda sporting a bandage under her eye walked around the Upper East Side Friday before hitting up fancy jewellery store - Cartier, reports Apparently, she didn't bought anything as she left the store, undercover.

People who saw Amanda said she seemed very paranoid and that she was speaking to inanimate objects like a tree.

On Thursday night at an airport restaurant, she was spotted acting bizarre, painting her face with excessive amounts of makeup.

Sources connected to her said she was visibly high all day, talking to herself and complaining about her life.

Those, who are close to her, feel the situation is dire. Until Amanda's parents pull the trigger and go back to court for a conservatorship, it's a waiting game until she poses a significant danger to herself or others.


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