Amrita graduates for role in "Blood Money"

7 years ago

After playing a plain Jane in "Aisha", actress Amrita Puri is all set to make a comeback of sorts with "Blood Money" which will see her portraying the role of a contemporary girl.

The petite star had disappeared after wowing critics with her small role in the chick-flick but she is happy to have graduated to lead role in the Bhatts' latest outing.

"I had to work really hard to break people perceptions after 'Aisha'. I decided to wait a while instead of continuing with acting. In this industry you get stereotyped very soon. I was getting similar roles post 'Aisha'. So, I decided to wait for a better offer and it paid off when I was approached for 'Blood Money'," Amrita told PTI.

When it came to acting, the actress said she really wanted to be sure about her next movie assignment. "I really wanted something which was meaty and creative. I am being picky about my roles. It was almost a year after 'Aisha' that I consented to do 'Blood Money'. It wasn't as if I was looking only at leading roles but then it had to live up to the standards that I had set for myself after 'Aisha'."

"Blood Money" provided her a platform to go solo opposite Kunal Khemu. However, Amrita was initially reluctant to step into the role because Bhatt's leading ladies are known for their liberal skin show.

"When I was told that I had to play a simple girl, I thought of giving it a shot. I said to myself - 'What's the harm in auditioning at the least'. I went there and gave the audition. Once done, I came back home without expecting any call from them. However, I heard from them the very next day and was signed there and then." PTI


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