Anurag- Sudhir to make short films for digital platform

7 years ago

Filmmakers Anurag Kashyap, Sudhir Mishra and Chakri Toleti of 'Billa 2' fame have joined hands to make a series of short films that will be released in the digital format across the country.


The three directors will be creating magic through their short films they make for website "I think short films are more interesting than a feature film because nowadays it gets connected to you very easily. You can even watch them on your phone, youtube, laptop in your daily chores," Kashyap said.



There will be 12 directors making short films and the three filmmakers will mentor them. "We will have 12 directors from 12 different cities making 12 short films of 10 minutes each. We will then join them to make one 120 minute feature film which will be released on 12.12.12," Kashyap said, explaining the format.


The short films will have everything found in a full length feature movie like music, drama and excitement and will be treated like a normal feature film.


"To make a short film is far more difficult than to make a feature film. It is really difficult task to incorporate all the aspects in that span of time," Mishra said. The films will be released on digital platforms like cell phone and internet. PTI


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