Anushka Sharma the real "Mooh-Phat"

7 years ago

The Ladies vs Ricky Behl’s  lady Anushka Sharma giving a good show down in the flick, seems quite a short tempered personality.


There's little doubt that Anushka is one of the most feisty and fiery gals in B-Town. Well, she admitted so.


When quizzed about Ranveer's mooh-phat image, Anushka claims herself to be the real Mooh-phat instead Ranveer, as she confesses whatever she feels like and don't care about who's around.


An illustration was given by her at an award show where she was chatting with her collegue, while an excited fan passed away a remark "Bikini mein kya mast lagti hai tu". In return she yelled upon him angrily saying "Tu paagal hai kya? Isko leke jao yahaan se!", and clam down back to resume her conversation.


Assuming this one really doesn’t want to mess up with the lady, or else be ready for the consequences. Really Anushka  doesn’t even need a Bodyguard.

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