Anxiety over Vishwaroopam

6 years ago

Actor-director Kamal Haasan first of its kind move to release, “Vishwaroopam”, through the direct-to-home (DTH) platform apart from releasing it in theatres has created anxiety among film distributors and exhibitors in the State, which has a significant presence of Tamil film-goers.


Earlier, Kamal Haasan, in Chennai, announced that he was considering the advice of film industry representatives to release the film through DTH the same day as its theatre release. He had said that he had not dropped the idea of releasing the tri-lingual film through the DTH platform. And, he had postponed the film’s release.


The film industry here is anxious because, according to Kannada Film Producers’ Association president K.V. Chandrashekar, there will a paradigm shift in the film-watching culture and in the process, the distribution and exhibition sector will become “irrelevant”.

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