Are celebrities serious when they ask media to respect their privacy?

5 years ago

ENI Bureau

Mumbai: Are all Bollywood stars serious when they request the media to respect their privacy? Should they be taken on their face value when they make such requests? A case in point is Sussanne Roshan who had requested to the media to grant her privacy post her separation from her husband Hrithik Roshan.

Close on the heels of Hrithik announcing the separation, Sussanne had issued a statement, saying: "We are two individuals who respect and care for each other and have made our own individual choices. Nothing can change that. Would appreciate if we are given our privacy in such a time. Thank you for your warmth and concern for both of us and the family."

However, at the launch of her boutique (partnered by Mahip Kapoor and Seema Khan), Sussanne chose to use the opportunity to speak about her separation to two select TV channels belonging to a media group inside the boutique even as the rest of the media invited for the launch waited outside.

The entire media was invited at the launch of Sussanne’s boutique in Bandra by Communique, the agency handling the PR of the launch. Respecting her privacy and taking her statement seriously, the media decided not to behave like paparazzi at the public function. The channels and publications waited at the red carpet patiently for Sussanne’s interaction with the press.

Fair enough, we thought, she does not want to talk to the press and face uncomfortable questions about her separation from her childhood friend turned hubby, Hrithik Roshan. She wanted to guard her privacy on this issue, we thought.

But not quite so! Inside her store, Sussanne gave interview talking about her separation.  For the rest of the media, there was a clear message from one Manish from the PR company: “If you all are willing to pack up, we are more than happy.”

So what does a celebrity want? The media to cover events whenever the publicity is required, click pictures of all guests on the occasion so the media can make a big meal out of it. Simultaneously, the very celebrities who appeal for their privacy to be respected give interviews at the event that become talk of the town, and is splashed all over social and conventional media.

Which again brings us to our big question: Are Bollywood celebrities serious when they appeal to the people and the media to respect their privacy? Or it’s a selective affair, a call taken by them depending on whether the occasion suits them? Should media respect a celebrity’s privacy when the celebrity himself / herself violates the very request made by him / her?

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