Arjun Rampal feels violence is not the answer

6 years ago

Actor Arjun Rampal, who essays the role of a police officer in Prakash Jha's 'Chakravyuh', which is based on the issue of Naxals, says he was not much aware about the movement of the outlaws till he started shooting for the film, and believes that violence is not the solution.


"I was not that aware about how organized they (Naxals) are, how strongly it is funded, how rapidly it has come into our country, and what a big war it really is. My character in the film believes that if the system stops working then you don't have to destroy it but instead repair it," Arjun told reporters here, last night, at the first look of 'Chakravyuh'.


"By violence, atrocities no one is going to get anything. And that is what the character believes and that is what I also believe. I don't think that violence is really the answer," he said. While, shooting for this film Arjun was saddened to see the plight of people living in the interiors.


"I have gone and visited the interiors of India where we have shot and you see the way the villagers are living, its so sad and depressing. They don't have water, medicine, hospitals and roads...if we can distribute it well and send it there, it will be great," he said.


"This movie is very important for every Indian to see as it is a war that you cannot escape. And every Indian needs to be aware of this. We hope that we all can together, find a solution which will be the right solution," he added.


Sporting a moustache, Arjun is playing the role of a courageous cop in 'Chakravyuh'. "I play the part of a police officer his name is SP Adil Khan, he is a third generation cop. His family has been in police. He is very righteous, good and super fit. But again the character goes through is like a guy who wants to do his job but finds himself stuck in a 'Chakravyuh'," Arjun said.



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