Ash’s audacious attributes takes her to the top

4 years ago
Ever since the charismatic and ravishing beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan won the miss world beauty pageant, a new face arose in the glamour world. With her substantial qualities and chivalric moves, this lady is the top notch celebrity even today. Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, the Bachchan Bahu proved her mettle worldwide and brought laurels to India. The ever charming lady’s popularity is breaking all the boundaries and she is becoming even more desirable to be seen on the silver screen. At this age any other actress in Bollywood fades her fame but this woman proved wrong the age-old myth in tinsel town about married actresses. It’s a know thing that post marriage all the tinsel town’s sultry sirens have to sacrifice their acting career due to involvement in the family affairs or lack of offers. Many of them try to make a comeback but in vain. But Aishwarya is an exception and her shaadi hasn’t affected her career. She still has the ‘A’ list director’s bee-lining for her dates and role. She is also a popular face when it comes to commercials. When asked about her lucky streak in glam world that continues post her marriage too, Ash said, "We all have our own journey. I think you just need to have that conviction in you. I chose my path and I was lucky that my directors gave me opportunity and extract some really interesting and memorable characters out of me." She is coming up with many new movies starring big names and she being one of them. The actress says "Now my life has come to full circle. I have worked with the same directors in last one year with whom I worked during the start of my career." She is a path breaker and an inspiration for all the married B-town beauties, that if there is a will there is a way.

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