Ashton Kutcher splurging on designer wear?

5 years ago

Los Angeles: Actor Ashton Kutcher is reportedly splashing heavy sum on designer wear to appear stylish enough to land an opportunity of becoming the face of a big brand.


The 35-year-old 'Two and a Half Men' star, who started his career with modelling, reportedly wants to land a huge fashion deal, reported Radar Online.


"More than ever, Ashton is obsessed with his looks and style. He's spending a fortune every month on the latest and most expensive designer looks because he wants to land a big fashion deal," a source said.


"Ashton is shopping himself to the biggest designers on the planet because he wants to become the face of a big brand and commit to it for a number of years," the source added.


The actor apparently wants to share his knowledge of fashion with the world.


"Ashton realises that he's been wasting time and money not becoming a deeper player in fashion and he's finally starting to get serious about marketing himself to these entities," the source said.


"He wants to remind people how knowledgeable he is about the world or fashion and modelling from his very earliest days in show business," the source added. PTI

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