At 36, Holmes still feels like 20-something

4 years ago

Los Angeles:Actress Katie Holmes says she’s just like she was in her twenties.The 36 year-old, who shares daughter Suri with her ex-husband Tom Cruise, told Red magazine that she feels as if she’s still behaving like she did when she was just 20, reports said: "I’m not so different than I was at 20. I still buy too many jeans... I don’t stay stuck on anything too long. I mean, like, any emotion".Holmes also shared that she’s very conscious about how social media and the accessibility of camera phones have changed her behaviour.“I think that it’s a very interesting time for artists right now because of social media and camera phones,” she said."I don’t think you ever know how you’ll be portrayed. Any story can attach itself to your image. I don’t pay much attention because I’d spend the whole time worrying. I just don’t go out much to avoid it," she added.IANS

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