B-Town continues mourning for Peshawar attack victims

4 years ago

Mumbai:A day after 132 children were brutally killed in a gruesome Taliban attack on a school in Pakistan's Peshawar city, Bollywood celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan are still in shock and feel "anger" and "disgust" for the "monstrous" act.Here's what the stars shared about the act on digital platforms:Amitabh Bachchan: When innocence is silenced...There can be just silence.Shah Rukh Khan: The soul is healed by being with children. Extreme anger & disgust for all those who took our children, our future, our healers away.Aamir Khan: Just heard about the innocent children being killed in Peshawar. I'm devastated.Shekhar Kapur: Killings of innocent children is not justified in any religion or culture. It's an act by depraved desperate and Godless men #PeshawarAttackAnupam Kher: Today the world is so sad. Those children deserved a long & happy life. #SADShahid Kapoor: Black day. Innocence lost. Where is humanity heading. No religion no God could ever want this. Peshawar. Prayers. Shock.Anushka Sharma: This is the cruellest most inhuman cowardice act. It pains me so much. Prayers & strength with the families of the innocent kids killed.Sonu Nigam: Morning. New agendas. New dreams. World moves on. How sad. But 4 sm, world ended yesterday. Now they shall live with d corpse of their life.Alia Bhatt: No such thing as humanity. Its appalling to even think that we are capable of being so monstrous and so majorly MESSED UP!!!#PeshawarAttackVarun Dhawan: Darkest day of the human race. No RELIGION tells you to kill children. cant believe someone is capable of this monstrosity#PeshawarAttackRannvijay Singha: Can't imagine what the parents are going through, they just sent their kids to school...what wrong can children do? so angry.. #PeshawarAttackIANS

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