Badshah of Bollywood will now be the Badshah of roadways

10 months ago

Very soon the Badshah of Bollywood will now be the Badshah of roadways, literally. Who doesn't remeber the soothing open arms of the Badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan? The open arms where his beautiful heroines come and melt! This magical pose of King Khan will now be used to control the traffic police as the Assam Police has very creatively now used the same. They will now creatively use Shahrukh Khan's signature pose as road safety sign. 

The popular pose of SRK, the flow of arms in a very soothing way will give a soothing feeling to drivers and will help in soothing the road accidents. This advertisement made by Assam Police is also becoming viral on Twitter. In the picture, you can see SRK Pose, Traffic Lights, and Zebra Crossing. The Assam Police has retweeted this picture and written thus, "There is nothing more to do than follow the traffic rules."

Even Shahrukh Khan has retweeted this photo with a beautiful message, "The best message I think this pose has conveyed. Please please follow the traffic rules."