Bengali film title changed at Censor Board prodding

7 years ago

Days before its release in the first week of March "Macho Mustafa", stated to be the most expensive Bengali film till date, has been renamed as "Macho Mastana" following prodding by the Censor Board.

"As the Censor Board expressed reservations about the title, we sought feedback from community leaders and accordingly the name was changed less than a month before the film's release," director Reshmi Mitra told PTI.

"We were told that the term 'Macho' cannot be prefixed to God (Allah) and this may hurt religious sentiments," Mitra explained.

However, things would be better if they were made aware of the title's sensitivity beforehand as posters, publicity materials and hundreds of audio CDs bearing the old name had already been printed, she said.

The budget for the film, of which Rs seven crore had already been spent, went up by at least Rs 30 lakh more on account of frame-by-frame correction in the computer generated imagery (CGI), which was essential. The budget would further swell because the correction of shots was still on at a Chennai studio, Mitra said.

The movie's old name and logos were displayed in some shots, which had to be changed and the whole title track, with the emblazoned old name, had to be re-recorded after building a new set, she pointed out.

"But, we don't know what to do with the already published hundreds of music CDs. We can't afford a risk of allowing them a run in music stores at this stage. We have to take the labels back," Mitra said.

The producer of the film, P P Tiwari of Remac Films, said, "We don't want to hurt religious sentiments, we will comply with the observations even if some more money is spent. The Censor Board took us into confidence explaining the scenario. And we are proud of the product."

The film's lead actor and popular Bengali star, Hiran, said, "I am sure the storyline will be the real pull of the movie and not the title."

The films's female lead Puja Bose also expressed the same views. Macho Mastana is Reshmi Mitra's third film as a director after "Bhalobasa Zindabad" and "Pireeti Kathaler Atha".

The director, meanwhile, still rued the lost chance to make a film on Rabindranath Tagore's "Char Adhyay" despite buying the film rights years back. PTI


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