Beyonce splashes 700 pounds at an eatery?

5 years ago

London: Beyonce Knowles reportedly splashed 700 pounds at McDonald's for a meal which was for her tour crew.


Beyonce, 32, recently decided to make a huge order at the fast food chain after the singer and her crew worked up an appetite following a performance at a concert, reported Contactmusic.


"I'd stopped off on my way home from the theatre to buy a cheeseburger at McDonald's. The girl at the till looked a bit shell-shocked. She told me, 'Oh my god, I've just done an order for 700 pounds for Beyonce's 11 tour buses," Local resident Helen Nugent said.


"She then went on to tell me, 'I made 50 portions of large fries and 22 boxes of Chicken McNuggets. 22! And 26 Big Macs! There are a lot of dancers on her tour, you'd think they eat healthily. Mind you, they did order a lot of salad," she added. PTI

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