Bhajji-Basra together again

7 years ago

While Bhajji is out of the cricketing world he has still found some work in a telly show. But he is not alone, instead alongside its Geeta Basrea who is accompanying her with a fine tune

Harbhajan Singh was recently shooting for a reality show in Pune. And keeping him company on the sets was Geeta Basra.   The starlet was spotted stuck to his side throughout the filming presumably giving him acting tips, even while Singh was giving pep talk to the pahalwans who feature in the show, Geeta was chirping away on the sets.  

And in case if you are wondering if Geeta features in the telly show, Bhajji is slated to spring some surprises. Unless he's popping the question, I am not interested. Are you?

Well couldn't say anything on it. But the break Bhajji is enjoying, who knows, could give him a better break.

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