Bharat Humko Jaan se bhi pyaara

7 years ago

Vivek Shukla “Bharat humko jaan se bhi pyaara hai, sabse nyara gulistaan humara hai “, humming these lines spurts exuberance in the heart of every Indian and brings out a feeling to do something maverick for the motherland which can add another feather to the cap of the country. As we are celebrating our 64thIndependence Day this year here are the top five soulful patriotic movies and top five songs soaked in the color of Indian flag.


There are a countless number of patriotic songs used in Bollywood movies and each one is in a way better than the other. Indian filmmakers from time to time shells out quintessential movies on patriotism and revives the sense of nationalism in every Indian. The Indian cinema plays a very substantial role in awakening its citizens and make them remember about the sacrifices and relentless effort our martyrs and freedom fighters made to free our motherland from the colonial rule.


Here are five handpicked Indian jingoistic movies that created euphoria of nationalism in the country.

1)    Haqeeqat(1964) There can be no other movie to talk about first then the movie Haqeeqat. This movie directed by Chetan Anand is at the acme considering the other nationalistic movie. The movie was based on the 1962 Sino-Indian War. It won the National Film Award for Second Best Feature Film in 1965.  The story goes that there are Indian soldiers in the hilly terrain of Ladakh who are considered dead but are rescued by Ladakhi tribesmen and by Capt. Bahadur Singh .They are asked to retreat from their post as the Chinese have surrounded them. Capt. Bahadur Singh and his girlfriend Angmo (Priya Rajvansh) die holding the Chinese at bay so that their comrades can retreat to safety. But even the retreating soldiers are heavily outnumbered and give up their lives for the country.


The songs in this movie are one of its kind and with a very emotional meaning to it.  Maestro Mohammad Rafi gave his heart and soul to the song and belted out the best from his kitty.Kar chale hum fida is that one song which makes tear roll out of your eyes even if you are not in a mood to cry.



2)    Rang De Basanti

RDB hit the silver screen in 2006 and being youth centric got rave reviews. The movie had a noticeable impact on Indian society. There was a significant increase in public ire towards government and politicians for constantly being mired in corruption and bureaucracy and their inefficiency in providing basic amenities. Intense political discussions spurred on by the film's influence were observed in these patterns.

The songs of this flick were filled with alacrity of nationalism. Especially, the title track was very frisky made the listeners to simply shake a leg on it. The lyrics were inspirational and appealing. Many young Indians could relate well to the characters of this film.


3)    Chak De India(2007) A well seasoned flick directed by Shimit Amin, is a story of a tainted Indian hockey player who got a bad name due to some unwanted reason after a disastrous loss to the Pakistani hockey team, Khan is ostracized from the sport. He and his mother are further forced from their ancestral home by angry neighbors. Seven years later in an attempt to redeem himself, Khan becomes the coach for the Indian women's hockey team with the goal of turning its sixteen contentious players into a champion team.

The movie set a very good example of team spirit and to never disparage in life no matter what the circumstances are. The title track of this movie is mind boggling and well sung by Shukwinder Singh. It leaves the listeners enchanted with the spirit of jingoism.


4)      Border (1997) A blockbuster movie directed by JP Dutta is an adaptation from real life events that happened at the Battle of Longewala fought in Rajasthan (Western Theatre) during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 and Bangladesh Liberation War. The story is a poignant account of how the Indian soldiers fought the fight of their own mind of love from the family and their own dreams. The forte again very enticing and mesmerizing, the lyrics written by Javed Akhtar is sanguinely soulful.


5)      Lagan (2001) Lagan is the sordid story of the Indian peasant’s sufferance prior to Independence. The British had imposed heavy taxes on a poor, barren village of Gujarat which the villagers were unable to pay. When they told the British of their inability to pay they were given a wager. They were to play cricket with the British. If they won, for three years the tax would not be levied. The villagers united to learn the new game and defeated the British and so got their request fulfilled.




When we talk about films how we can forget the deftly made Bollywood patriotic songs. Here are five most amazing pieces that will definitely elevate your soul.

1)    "De Di Hume azadi, bina khadig bina dhhal, Saabarmati ke Sant tu ne kar diyaa kamaal" This song is from the movie Jaagruti(1954) in beautiful lyrics of Pradeep and sung by Asha Bhosle . This song is almost synonymous to Mahatma.

2)    Kar chale hum Fida Jano tan saathiyoon Crooned by the ace Mohammad Rafi and lively lyrics of Kaifi Azmi this song is from the movie Haqeeqat(1964).

3)    Bharat humko jaan se bhi pyara hai This nimble song is from the movie Roza(1992) and sung by Hari Haran, the lyricist is P R Mishra.

4)    Chak de India A very electric and vibracious song, sung by Shukwindar Singh, lyricist Jaideep Sahni and is from the movie Chak De India.

5)    Mera raang de basanti chola This song is totally drenched in patriotism and an all time favourite of Indians. This is from the movie The Legend of Bhagat Singh and sung by Sonu Nigam.

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