Big B and Sanjay Dutt promote Department

7 years ago

In Mumbai Big B and Sanjay Dutt promote Ram Gopal Varma's Department. As the movie goes around with several controversies and oops moment of its actress Nathalia Kaur, movie seems to fetch exciteingly positive responses!



As yet, movie was being promoted by its Drector RGV and actress Nathalia Kaur.


Either by the conferences or on any other occassions,the fresh face of Nathalia was used best for RGV's promotion.Controversies play an indispensable role for a movie's survival.



The more controversial,the more exciting and curious it makes the fans of the actors,and now in Mumbai,Big B  and Sanjay Dutt were seen promoting Department.



Would the controversies and these promotional activities be able to fetch the makers a good response still remains to be seen. 




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