Big B shows signs of improvement

7 years ago

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who has been at the hospital for a week now post his abdominal surgery, says there are signs of improvement and that another surgery may be avoided.

"In the midst of intense discussions between the medical team and the family, there seemed to be an opinion arriving that perhaps another surgery was avoidable and that some of the blood reports which had reached alarming levels were beginning to show signs of improvement," the 69-year-old actor wrote on his blog.

The actor, who underwent the surgery last week at the Seven Hills hospital, also wrote about his wish to walk about despite doctors advicing him against doing so.

"...there was a desire to walk and move more than would be described as comfortable in prevailing circumstances, but the insistence of those that move about with slung stethoscopes about their necks was difficult to ignore and so a few gentle dragging steps, with the rod carrying the drips followed along a few feet around the bed."

Bachchan has been battling a string of stomach ailments since his near fatal intestinal injury while filming a fight scene in 1982 movie "Coolie". PTI

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