Big B the 'son-in-law' of Bengal

6 years ago

Amitabh Bachchan, who started his career as an executive of a British managing agency in Kolkata, introduced himself as the 'son-in-law' of Bengal at the 18th Kolkata International Film on November 10.

"Ami Banglaye bolchi (I will speak in Bengali), asha kori buchhte parben (I hope you will understand)," Bachchan began speaking slowly in Bengali.

"Ami Banglar Jamaibabu toh, (I am the son-in-law of Bengal)," the Big B who is married to Jaya, formerly Jaya Bhaduri, from the city, said in his rich baritone.

"Adarniye Mamtaji, Kolkatay amar sob attiyo (Beloved Mamata Banerjee, all in Kolkata are my relatives)," he said.

Then continued mischeviously "... dada, didi, kaka, kaki, mama, mami, jetha, jethi, dadu, didi .... (boudi) ....(brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, grandpas and grandmas and sisters-in-law) sobaiye ke amar bhalobasha ar pronam (My love and greetings to all)."

With a smile and a shrug he added, "... aar parchi na (I am finding it difficult to continue), there are many guests who are from outside ....".

He then switched over to English for the remainder of his speech. PTI

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