Big B's singing tribute to 26/11 victims

6 years ago

Bollywood's megastar will be singing at a concert dedicated to police personnel who lost their lives in the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack of 2008.

The concert will be organised by music composer Aadesh Shrivastava and will be called, Global Sounds of Peace.

Even after singing songs like, 'Rang barse', 'Raghuveera', and 'Ekla chalo re', Big B says he's not confident about it.

"I don't know the raags, (which I am singing). Aadesh used to tell me what to sing and I used to do that. Actually, there are many machines to help in tuning your voice," Mr Bachchan said at a press conference here Thursday.

When asked how he will sing live, the superstar said: "You will only get to know when you come and watch the concert."

The project is the result of Big B and Shrivastava's endeavour.

"Aadesh and I spent a lot of time together discussing the idea of a song which depicts peace within and outside the country. It was then that he made a wonderful item and got many renowned musicians to contribute for the same," said the 70-year-old.

"Aadesh wanted me to sing in the song, which was a bit of a bother as I am not a singer," added Big B.


"I work with him because he doesn't reveal my shortcomings. This is why I go to him. Plus, he stays so close to my house that I can go over any time," he said.

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