Bigg Boss: Ajay wants Tanishaa out?

5 years ago


ENI Bureau

New Delhi: Actress Tanishaa Mukherji’s growing fondness for Armaan Kohli in the Bigg Boss house seems to be bothering her family members.



Rumour has it that Tanishaa’s brother-in-law Ajay Devgn, her mother Tanuja and sister Kajol are upset with the 35-year-old’s growing liking for Armaan and want her out of the Bigg Boss house.



Apparently, Ajay called up Salman Khan to discuss Tanishaa and Armaan’s case, after which Salman warned the actress to be careful about her activities as there were 84 cameras in the house.



According to sources, when there was no change in the way Tanishaa and Armann were romantically behaving with each other, Ajay called up Salman once again and requested him to eliminate her from the show.


Earlier, it was revealed that Tanishaa is already engaged and that she has plans of getting married.



Tanishaa is also in danger zone this week and chances are she is the one to leave the Bigg Boss house, thanks to Ajay and Salman’s pre-planning.

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