'Bigg Boss' has made me a household name: Andy

4 years ago

Mumbai: VJ Andy says his stint on 'Bigg Boss' season 7 has given his career a major boost and made him a household name now. The 34-year-old anchor, who has returned to TV with season 3 of his dating reality show 'Dare to Date', feels his fan base is no more restricted to youth because people of all ages liked his friendly and funny personality in 'Bigg Boss 7'. "I have a bigger fan base now after my 'Bigg Boss' stint. I was popular before too but not as much as I am today. I have become a household name, it makes me emotional. It will be a major boost to 'Dare to Date'. Now people from all ages like watching me on screen. I have got so much love from all and I am thankful to them," Andy told PTI in an interview. Andy last hosted 'Dare to Date', a fun take on the concept of dating three years back and is known for his sarcastic comments on the show and for pulling contestants' leg. He says that his image of that an intimidating anchor, however, has changed as people now know he is humorous in real life. "They have seen me on 'Bigg Boss', that was the real me so they now know I am not a mean person and I am naturally funny. My intentions are never bad, I try to have fun with contestants on 'Dare to Date', it is not done in distasteful manner," he said. Andy is excited to be back with the quirky dating series as it is very close to his heart. "It is my baby and when I was approached, I knew I had to do it.

Popular demand has brought it back. Today people's perception of dating has changed, they are more receptive to this idea, so I think it will be more fun," he said. 'Dare to Date 3' currently airs at 5:30 pm (Monday to Saturday) on Channel V. PTI

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