Bips flavour bowled media guys

7 years ago

It was Bipasha Basu all the way when the hot star came to the office of news24 here on Tuesday to promote her latest film 'Jodi Breakers'. The mood in the the office was charged and electric when she came there.



Meanwhile,reacting to reports of Bipasha Basu running to her makeup room after a kissing scene with Madhavan in " Jodi Breakers" as he had eaten too many onions, the actress clarified saying, "Disgusting and ridiculous news about me and Maddy's kissing scene today... Looks like the people who wrote it kissed Maddy for the scene!"



According to the report, Maddy stayed away from onions after Bipasha refused to come out of her makeup room post doing the kissing scene and the two other kissing scenes with between the actors went off uneventfully.



Bipasha, who is reportedly known to be close to Maddy's wife Sarita, was so irked by the reports about the kissing scene that she further said, "Maddy is a total gentleman and knows way more than basic etiquettes with costars specially ladies! Wonder where this has come from?


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