'Blood Money' not similar to 'Blood Diamond'

7 years ago

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt says his upcoming release 'Blood Money' is not inspired by Hollywood blockbuster, 'Blood Diamond' and has no similarities to own directorial film 'Naam'.

Produced by Mahesh Bhatt, the films stars Kunal Khemu, who plays the central protagonist who migrates to South Africa due to a lucrative job offer but ends up finding himself in the middle of an organised white collar crime syndicate.

The story line of this film seems similar to Oscar winning film 'Blood Diamond' starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Jennifer Connely. Also, 'Blood Money' is touted as a remake of Bhatt's own film, 'Naam' starring Sanjay Dutt. But he denies all these talks.

"No, our film is not the Indian version of 'Blood Diamond' or anything of that sort. 'Blood Diamond' did deal only with the industry of diamonds...that particular trade.

Our film is a journey of a middle class Indian who dreams of getting the best in the world and how this man suddenly finds himself in a company of people who deal with notorious activity," Bhatt told reporters here.

"Our film has nothing to do with 'Blood Diamond'. But yes, there is one similarity that it deals with diamond trade. But this thing was essential for our plot," he said.

However, there is no harm in stealing from your own film," he quipped referring to 'Naam'. "'Naam' dealt with the story of a lower middle class youth going to Dubai or middle east and has not much idea about the job he does. This story is different," he said.

'Blood Money' directed by Vishal Mahadkar, also stars Amrita Puri. PTI

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