Bollywood mocks Karnataka ministers

7 years ago

Bollywood has expressed shock and dismay over Karnataka legislators relishing themselves to a porn flick on a mobile phone in midst of Assembly proceedings.


"Politicians watch porn.What a shock !Some drink and do drugs! They take bribes too.Big ones! I'm surprised that we're acting surprised! How upset we are that politicians watched porn in Parliament!," music composer-singer Vishal Dadlani wrote on twitter.


"We must be the world's most hypocritical nation. 3 idiot ministers watching porn in the Assembly is a laugh,not a political issue. Porn is an intrinsic part of all politics.


Ask Silvio Berlusconi.Ask ND Tewari.Ask those who followed JFK and his Camelot years," filmmaker Pritish Nandy said.


Maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma sys, "Ministers watching porn in the assembly is a sure sign of an emerging and shining India...jai ho".


Three BJP ministers in the Sadananda Gowda government,namely Laxman Savdi, C C Patil and Krishna Palemar, were caught on camera watching porn on mobile phone during assembly proceedings.

They put down their papers today following the furore over the incident. (PTI)

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