Bollywood unhappy with service tax on actors

7 years ago

Bollywood stars Sonam Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, producer-director Farah Khan and others from the film industry have expressed their displeasure over the government's announcement of service tax to be levied on actors.


Bollywood and TV actors will be charged 12 per cent service tax from this month on their earnings from acting assignments and endorsements. This will be in addition to their income tax obligations.


"Hamare Kehne se kuchh nai hone wala (Whatever we say will not make any difference). If the government has decided, they have to levy this service tax. They have done just the same," actor Abhishek Bachchan said.


Sonam Kapoor also took to Twitter to rant against the new tax system. "Really more tax. This government sucks. Corrupt and useless... We are just filling every politician's pockets with money, if my money really went into developing my country I'd be more than happy to give it," Sonam posted on Twitter.


Farah, who will make her acting debut with "Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi", said that it was disappointing for actors. "And just as I have turned 'actress', the government has decided to also charge 12.5 per cent service tax to all actors. This is too much. Kitna nichodogey yaar? (How much more will you take from us?)," Farah said.


Arshad Warsi quipped similar concern saying, "With this service tax, there will be some more jobless actors... Blame it on the tax. Very soon all actors payment will go directly to the Govt and they will start giving us the little per cent that is left for us as salary."


Actress Divya Dutta also came out against the government's decision and called it "ridiculous". "Imposing 12.5 per cent service tax on actors is the most ridiculous decision ever taken! 'They' have no idea how some of the actors survive in this tough terrain of our profession ...we are as much employed professionals as any in any field," Dutta tweeted. PTI


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