Brad Pitt is wonderful: Angelina Jolie

5 years ago

London: Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has revealed that she loves nothing more than watching his actor fiance Brad Pitt taking care of their six kids.


Jolie, 38, who is yet to tie the knot with Pitt, said the '12 Years a Slave' star is a wonderful and loving father, reported Showbiz Spy.


"Brad has always been such a wonderful and loving father. It's such a beautiful and sexy quality in a man when he takes his responsibilities as a father very seriously.


"I still get very emotional when I watch Brad play with the children he is so naturally devoted and joyful around them," she said.


The 'Maleficent' actress said Pitt instilled the sense of motherhood in her.


"When I was younger, I never imagined being a mother. Then those maternal feelings evolved and deepened once I began adopting and started living with Brad, which made me want to have children of our own.


"Brad is so good about taking over when I'm working, but I'd rather be home for dinner and read my children bedtime stories," she added. PTI

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