Bridge the gap between rich and poor: Ajay Devgn

6 years ago

New Delhi: National award-winning actor Ajay Devgn feels that our country is divided into the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ and the gap between the two is rising with each passing day.


"There are two Indias - haves and have-nots. The country is divided into these two and the gap is widening every minute. The necessity of the hour is that the haves help the have-nots wriggle out of this situation," said Devgn.


"I can do something only through my work, through my movies. I can only hope the youngsters get the message," said the actor, whose political drama Satyagraha hit theatres on Friday.


From being an action hero to playing intense characters, Devgn has always experimented with his roles and the 44-year-old actor is back with a new issue-based film, which he says is targeted to the youth.


"Satyagraha targets the youth of the country and will inspire them to channelise their anger in the right direction. It entertains you but at the same time, it leaves a deep impact in your mind. It is an emotional drama which leaves you with an optimistic, positive message," Devgn said. PTI

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