Britney Spears spends $31,000 on pets

4 years ago

Los Angeles: Singer Britney Spears' pets are living the life most humans would envy - she reportedly spent over $30,000 on her dogs. reports that according to new legal documents filed in her conservatorship, Spears bought two tiny pups in 2013 that came with enormous price tags - more than $13K for both of them! She dropped $5,568 for what looks like a white Maltese in January and then in July she spent another $8,212 for its playmate, a new Yorkie. Spears even spent $1,585 on clothes for the dogs ($650 in one shopping spree alone)! Throw in another $5,205 on dog-sitting, plus more common pet expenses (like food) - in all she laid out $31,234.15. Just for the dogs. IANS

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