Celebs heap praise on Shahid's 'Haider'

4 years ago

Mumbai: Renowned filmmakers like Deepa Mehta, Mira Nair and Hansal Mehta among others have hailed Vishal Bhardwaj's 'Haider' as a must watch.


The industry has come in full support of the on-screen adaptation of William Shakespeare's play 'Hamlet', starring Shahid Kapoor in the titular character.


Many took to Twitter to praise the movie, after its special preview was held in Mumbai.


'City Lights' director Hansal Mehta said the film's casting was perfect.


"Haider is stunning. Vishal 'Bhardwaj is a brilliant story teller. He redefines Hamlet and how good is Haider and what a performance by Shahid Kapoor. Tabu is stunning so is the entire ensemble. Pitch perfect performances," he tweeted.


Mehta also praised the song 'Bismil' from the movie.


"Bismil is a spectacle you would never have seen before. Haider has one more hero. Pankaj Kumar, its Director of Photography is a true artist. Filmmakers in the distant future will adapt Vishal Bhardwaj. Cant get the film off my mind," he added.


National award-winning director Mira Nair applauded Tabu and Irrfan Khan in the film.


"Brilliant #basharatpeer, mesmerising Tabu, @irrfan_k, kashmir's agony&beauty, all in the masterful hands of Vishal Bhardwaj. Haider is a must see," she said.


Actress Huma Qureshi called 'Haider' a haunting story.


"Saw it last night Haider still haunts me Shahid Kapoor at his  besttt! So many moments... The last scene between him and Tabu stuck in my head," she said.


"Just saw #Haider. Vishal's film. It's beautiful with fabulous performances. Politically relevant, it's heartbreakingly satisfying. Bravo!" tweeted filmmaker Deepa Mehta.


Actor Ali Zafar congratulating Shahid Kapoor on his performance, writing, "Just saw Haider. One rarely gets to see such a strong film with such strong performances. Shahid Kapoor your best till date. Bravo brother." PTI

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