Celina Jaitely excused from promotional activities

7 years ago

Celina jaitley did not and will not be taking part in any promotional activities of the movie Will You Marry Me. While the entire cast and crew is busy promoting the film, Celina jaitley is busy resting at home.


She had agreed to participate in all promotional activities for the movie, while signing a contract for Will You Marry Me not knowing the problems she would face in future. The reason for the non participation is her pregnancy.


Because of the pregnancy, Celina is facing a lot of problems. Producer Krishan Chaudhary came to her rescue by giving her leave and excusing her from all promotional activities. The film is co-produced by vipin Jain.

Will you marry me is about three best friends who have one thing common; their love for their bachelorhood.


They love their bachelorhood so much that they place a bet amongst themselves; whoever decides to marry first will lose a huge amount in shares that were contributed by all three friends and their gang of friends.


Everything is going well till Nikhil (Muzzamil Ibrahim) decides to marry the love of his life, Anjali (Tripta Prashar).


Even though Rajveer (Rajeev Khandelwal) and Aarav (Shreyas Talpade) are completely taken aback with the idea of their best friend getting married they convince themselves to attend his beach wedding in Dubai.


During the wedding both Rajveer and Aarav fall for the same girl Sneha (Mugdha Godse), the brides best friend. The kidnapping of Nikhil by the powerful business tycoon (Paresh Rawal) adds to the icing on the cake.


Will Nikhil make it to his own wedding? Who will win Sneha’s heart?  Who will marry who? Come find out in this romantic comedy, Will you marry me?


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