Children keep you young: Nicole Kidman

5 years ago

London: Actress Nicole Kidman, who has two daughters with husband and singer Keith Urban, says that with children around, one always feels young.

The 47-year-old shared her anti-ageing remedy while talking to Britain's radio station Magic FM, reports

"There's something true about their life force. Children keep you young, they keep you engaged and they bring joy ...It's like we always dance at Keith's shows - Sunday and Faith are there and we'll be dancing side stage," she said.

The couple have been married now for eight years and she claims the secret to the success of their relationship is that they always make each other their number one "priority" in their lives.

"We stay really tight, we're very, very close. We have friends, but our priority is each other - we both grew up with parents who are like that," she said.    IANS

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