Cocktail's Meera reflects me: Diana Penty

7 years ago

She must have stayed in New York and Paris for years, but model- turned actress Diana Penty claims that she is a typical Mumbai-girl, who is shy and reserved like Meera in ‘Cocktail’.


The actress when was offered the character of Meera she found herself into it and auditioned for the role. It took just 24 hours for Diana to clinch the role.


The 26-year old, Diana didn’t find any uphill struggle playing Meera’role in ‘Cocktail’ and deliberately performed the task, though the actress is way more confident, expressive and vocal than she was earlier.


Diana Penty will be seen opposite Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone in ‘Cocktail’, scheduled to hit the theatres on 13th July.

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