Cold war brewing between Neetu, Rishi?

6 years ago
 New Delhi: Rishi and Neetu Kapoor are considered Bollywood's most romantic couple. The duo is mostly spotted together in events, parties and award functions, but rumour has it that all is not well between the evergreen romantic jodi. So, does that mean all that posing in front of the shutterbugs is a make believe? If sources are to be believed, a cold war is brewing between the two.
 Recently, Ranbir's parents attended a wedding in Udaipur with other members of Kapoor Khandan. The two looked happy and even danced together at the sangeet ceremony. However, all this was done to hide the cold war, sources say.
 "Rishi and Neetu Kapoorji, despite being a cool couple in the public eye, were not speaking to each other. They barely had any conversation during the entire wedding except for the dance performance, which was on public demand,” said a source.
 The sources further added, “The couple was seen chatting and drinking away to glory on all the occasions, alone or with their respective friends. One thing, however, came as a shock to the most present at the wedding when Neetuji fell in the swimming pool and security guards came to her rescue. She felt a bit embarrassed and soon rushed to closest rest room."
 After listening to these rumours, one hopes all is well.

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