Comparisons are always good: Hrithik on Krrish 3

5 years ago

Mumbai: Hrithik Roshan is not bothered by the comparisons drawn between his upcoming superhero film Krrish 3 and Hollywood blockbuster X- Men as he believes that it is a good thing for Bollywood films.     The overall look, costumes and the feel of Krrish 3 is similar to X-Men. The role of a mutant played by Kangana Ranaut reminds one of Halle Berry's character in X-Men. However, Hrithik, 39, is not concerned and is rather excited about the film.     "Comparisons are good. At least we have a film of a genre that can be compared in terms of special effect, superhero genre which until now is nonexistent. So comparisons are always good. People are curious to know what India is making. As Indians, this is our first home-grown superhero, VFX effect, musical extravaganza film," Hrithik said in an interview here.     "So, we are feeling proud that we came up with this film. I am happy that my father took this decision to make this film Indianised by having Indian technicians. Nobody had enough faith in them, my father gave them an opportunity and after this the world will open up for them," he said.     Directed by Rakesh Roshan, Krrish 3  is the third film in the sci-fi genre after Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish.Both the films have been hit.     "We have created something as we felt and believed in it. And now it is left to destiny. Let's see what reactions we get," Hrithik adds.     The actor had suffered a back injury and was bed-ridden for many months. Doctors had even advised him not to do the film. However, Hrithik went ahead and completed the shoot.     "I did a lot of research to solve my problem because my knees, my back were bad and my shoulders were broken. I put myself back together again. I went through 85 days of action. Science told me it is impossible, but I did something and it made me realise that anything is possible in life," Hrithik said. PTI

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