Comparisons with another show can't be helped: Sunil Grover

5 years ago

Mumbai: Sunil Grover, whose new show "Mad In India" goes on air Sunday, says comparisons with Kapil Sharma's "Comedy Nights With Kapil", which he was earlier a part of, are unavoidable. Nevertheless, he has tried to pack something unique in the comedy format. "I will be judged against the other show. It can't be helped. But I've no choice in the matter," said Sunil, who played the lovable Gutthi in "Comedy Nights With Kapil". In "Mad In India", he dons the character of Chutki to tickle the audience's funny bone. He will invite guests on the show and weave in comedy - much like Kapil's show. Sunil explained: "If we don't stick to the original format audiences would be disappointed. And if we're too similar to the other show people will say we're copying the other show." So what's the solution? "I want people to watch both the shows. I also want Kapil Sharma to watch my show. He is a valuable aspect of my growth as a comic actor. "We've been slogging really hard, my team and I. We want people to laugh with the content not at the content," he added. Sunil recently shot an episode with Govinda and Karisma Kapoor. In his female avatar as Chukti, he danced with Govinda to the raunchy tune of "Sarkayee lo khatiya jada lage". In an episode with yoga guru Baba Ramdev, the entire "Mad In India" team would be seen doing yoga. Of the experience, Sunil said: "It was great fun to shoot with all the guests that we've shot with so far. I am extremely fascinated by the challenge of making this show unique while fitting in the comedy format."


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