"Congrats Abhishek, we should get together"

7 years ago

Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger, who failed to turn up on an event to present Abhishek Bachchan with a Green Globe award, has congratulated the Bollywood actor for getting the honour via Twitter.

"Congrats on the Green Globe, @juniorbachchan. More celebrities should be pumping up green progress. I'll be back, & we should get together," Schwarzenegger tweeted, rephrasing one of his famous lines from "Terminator" franchise.

The Hollywood star, who was in Delhi to attend the 12th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit, had to attend the Green Globe Foundation Awards Ceremony to present Abhishek with the Green Globe for Outstanding Efforts by a Celebrity award, but did not turn up.

Junior Bachchan later received it from noted environmentalist R K Pachauri and said he had no idea Schwarzenegger was supposed to present the award him the award.

"I had no clue that I was to get an award from Arnold... I was only told that I will be getting an award. I haven't met him also..." Abhishek later said.

The Junior B also said if given an opportunity he would love to work with Schwarzenegger in his cause to raise climate issues. "If he thinks we are worthy enough of working with him then I would love to do so," Abhishek said. PTI 

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