Could not comprehend Hussain's 'Gaja Gamini', says Naseeruddin

5 years ago

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah, who was part of legendary artist late M F Husain's 'Gaja Gamini', says he could not comprehend the film and felt bewildered while doing it.

"I wouldn't recommend it (to watch it). Hussain sir came to my house to ask if I would do it. How could I say no. I thought whatever he makes, it will be something worth participating in it. But I was wrong. It was no fun," Naseeruddin said recently.

'Gaja Gamini' (2000) was Hussain's ode to womanhood and to his muse of the time Madhuri Dixit who played the lead. Also starring Shah Rukh Khan, Shah, Shabana Azmi and others, the film was a box office disaster.

"I could not comprehend or frame that film. The only conclusion came to me was he (M F Hussain) has such a fertile mind... There were zillions of images he wanted to create. The frames are likes paintings. I don't think cinema is all about painting, it is not all about composition," the actor said.    

Naseeruddin said when he asked Madhuri, who inspired Hussain to come out with the film, to explain 'Gaja Gamini' to him, she just giggled.


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