Critics won't like KSKHH: Director Sachin Yardi

7 years ago

Writer-director Sachin Yardi is not bothered about how critics are going to respond to his upcoming sex comedy 'Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum' as it belongs to the space of hardcore commercial cinema.


Producers Balaji opened the campaign for the film by reminding audience how the first film 'Kyaa Kool Hain Hum' became a success despite being ripped apart by the critics.


Yardi also believes that the film will get a thumbs-up by the paying audience because of its risque nature. "It's not that I'm not bothered about what the critics will say about the film. I am being practical. 'KSKHH' is not 'Citizen Kane'. My film is hardcore commercial cinema designed purely to entertain. It's for the box office and chances are dim that critics will praise it," Yardi said about the film, which is slated to hit theatres on July 27.


The director compares his film to Hollywood's 'American Pie' and hopes that it is enjoyed in the same manner. "The film is bold, risque and adult, but I don't see why critics should turn cynical and not laugh. I'm sure they laugh loud enough while watching an American Pie," he said. 


The director feels that adult comedies are something that are yet to be explored in Bollywood.  "Kyaa Kool Hain Hum pioneered the wave of adult comedies when it released in 2005. We want to take the sequel to a new level. We have a very strong and breezy story line, which is a major plus. The humor is not there just for the sake of it!," Yardi said.


The director, however, promises that despite having double meaning dialogues and going risque, the film is not vulgar.


"A sex comedy based on the premise of madness is very crucial. It is not just about two people passing crude remarks. We have gone adult but not vulgar." PTI


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