'Dabangg 2' more than just a sequel: Arbaaz Khan

6 years ago

Actor Arbaaz Khan may be making his directorial debut with "Dabangg 2" but he says the film is more than just a sequel to the superhit 2010 film.

The 45-year-old will also reprise his Makkhi act in the film, starring Salman Khan as police inspector Chulbul Pandey.

"I was mindful of the legacy of 'Dabangg'. I was also aware of the the kind of characters in the film and how it had worked. So, there was a conscious effort made to make this film. It was not that I just wanted to make another film, add '2' to the title, get a good release date and have Salman Khan in it and it is going to work. It is much more than that," Arbaaz told PTI.

The actor-director also said that although having a star cast and a good release date is important for the success of the film, he did not compromise on the content and story.

"These are very important factors which contribute to the success of the film but inherently you need to make a good film. Right from the beginning I had to keep my focus on what we want to tell through this film," he said at an event organised by Gillette last evening.

When asked if he was under any of pressure while directing the sequel to a super-successful film, Arbaaz said, "A sequel is going to be a pressure no matter who directs it. A sequel is only made when the original film works. The first one was liked a lot, so no matter who directs the second part people are always going to be conscious about the work done in the past."

Arbaaz also said that while working on the story with his writer, he tried to put himself in the audiences' shoes in order to understand their expectations from the film.

"I know 'Dabangg' has some pre-requisites. Every film has some requisites that you have to fulfill. I sat down with my writer and discussed what as an audience I want to see in the second part of the film. We worked towards that and we hope what we though connects with the audience," he said.

Arbaaz is presently busy promoting "Dabangg 2", which features Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and Prakash Raj. It will release on December 21.

He said that he is very excited and nervous at the same time as the release date of the film is approaching.

"I am very excited. I am getting numb now. So much has happened in the last one year that as we are getting closer to the release, I can't feel anything. The film is complete and is out of my hands as it is set to release in a week's time.

"Soon it will play in theatres all over the world. So, right now I have nothing else to do, it is all on the audience," he said. PTI

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